Kilihome adventure is an African tours and travel company with its headquarters located at Moshi in Tanzania, dealing with Tours and Safaris, Mountain Climbing, Day Tours, Cultural Tourism and Beach Holidays.We are recognized for quality delivery, reliability, warm and friendly reception as we have continually shown to our extinguished clients. Our pleasure is to ensure your satisfaction in terms of service at very friendly packages.

We believe that our guests are entitled to get the best reception by the comfort of a night in a place that feels like home especially after the wonder of a day in the wild. And so our mission at Kilihome adventure is to create a cherishable experience for our guests that perfectly poise the freshness of adventure.

We provide flawless services with a welcoming atmosphere, with a dependable safari experience with a first rate level of comfort in a remarkable environs.

You are all welcomed to witness the beauty, exceptional culture and pristine scenery you have never imagined.


Zoran Maki

Zoran is an experienced Tourist guide with over 9 years experience in the tours industry. He started his career as a porter and through his passion for Tour guiding and great interpersonal skills  learnt on the job to a Tourguide. He has a wealth of experience in guiding tourists and ensuring that they enjoy the best of African Culture and Touristic sites! He has ability to communicate with guests from a multicultural background, cultures and countries.  His goal and focus is to offer travellers a unique and exclusive glimpse of African Heritage. He is flexible, fun ensuring that you get the most from your vacation!

Haruna Moshi Boban

Haruna is an energetic tour-guide professional with over 6 years experience informing and guiding both local and international travellers on Tanzania’ s cultural, historical and contemporary heritage. He has inborn passion for entertaining guests and delivering a high level of customer service. In addition, he has extensive knowledge of history and visual arts; able to learn retain and recall extensive amounts of information quickly.